söndag 9 september 2012

New version submitted!

Two weeks after the first version was released, and updated version was posted today of both the free and premium versions of DiceFeud.
Here is what's new in version 1.1:
-Improved look and feel on main view. -Added sorting on Last played on main view. -Chat now scrolling to bottom. -Chat message now stays in textbox when loosing focus. -Chat bubbles in different colors for you and your opponent. -Added confirmation before setting score. -Finished games now removed after one day instead of two. -Accent-colored tile and application icon. -Added Statistics and Top list to paid version. -Added refresh button in menu bar instead of in menu. -Rematch-option added in context menu on Finished games list. -Changed message when final scores are equal from "Tie! Noone won." to the friendlier "Tie! Everybody won!"
-Important messages may be shown in client on startup. -"Rate this app" link added.
Minor changes, but the app looks better and the confirm button was an important improvement because people somtimes taps the wrong slot on the score board and in the first version, the score was instantly saved when doing so. Most annoying when you roll a Yatzy but accidentally tap Chance.

The numbers

Right now DiceFeud has been downloaded 927 times, but that number is one week old. Since then, DiceFeud was mentioned on a dutch Windows Phone site: http://www.wp7.nl/20279/dicefeud-verslavende-yahtzee-variant-windows-phone/I sent an email to them saying I was trying to promote my app and they were kind anough to write about it. Here is a Google translated version. The very same day that article was published, over 100 new users signed up to play and now more people are playing DiceFeud in the Netherlands than in Sweden or any other country. It's all very sweet. One thing that puzzles me is that from 927 downloads, only 386 users have actually created a user and tried the game. I guess most downloaders uninstall it straight away when they see they have to register to play. All that's needed is username, password and email address (which I will NEVER give out to anyone) and only 40% bother to sign up. Maybe it isn't clear enough what to do the first time you start the app? Or maybe it is because the app is only available in english? I don't know. Translating the app would be interesting but very time consuming and I don't really see that happening.
Also, out of 927 downloads, the premium version has been downloaded 16 times. That's 1,7%. I was aware that the vast majority go for the free version, and that's totally fine - I'd probably do the same thing. It is just something to think about if I ever do this again. I guess you need to add more value to a premium version if you want to push your users in that direction.

So, the first two weeks haven't made me rich. DiceFeud brings in a daily average of 2 USD on sales from the premium version and about 0.5 USD on ads. It is very rewarding to see people actually playing though. And I still think it's fun to play myself.

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