onsdag 29 augusti 2012

The DiceFeud Facebook page

I created a FaceBook page for DiceFeud a few days ago. You can find it here: http://facebook.com/dicefeud

Stuff about what features are going to be in the next version is there. A couple of good suggestions from DiceFeud players have been posted and if you think of any improvements, please post them on the FaceBook page and I'll consider them.

The next version looks very good and I hope to publish it sometime during next week. There are a few animations which brings more life to the app, the accent color is more present than before, and you have to confirm taps on the scoreboard when playing to aviud setting your score where you didn't want it. A full list of new features will be posted here when I am done.

There is no link to the Facebook page in the app yet but I think there will be in the next version. I am a little reluctant to add a link because you get redirected to the facebook mobile site, http://m.facebook.com, when facebook recognizes you are using a phone browser, and that site looks like absolute rubbish on Windows Phone.

There are now players in twelve countries playing DiceFeud.

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