lördag 4 augusti 2012

DiceFeud waiting for certification

A couple of months ago I decided to try to create an app. I work as a freelance programmer, focusing on .NET so I thought the easiest platform to get started on would be Windows Phone. Now, a couple of hundred hours later, the app is finally ready to be released.
The reason it took me this long to get the app launched is that there has been a lot to learn. My daytime job is mainly in the banking industry. I do backend programming. Very little graphical interface and for the most part invisible programming, serving front end applications with data. That took me half way, but the actual front end was all quite new to me.
Also, I wanted to do things right and try to learn how proffessional apps are written.

After a quick search on the Android and Windows Phone market places, I decided to write an online Yatzy game since I couldn't find one. If there are similar apps out there already, it doesn't really matter since this has been fun and very educating. I named the app DiceFeud in lack of a better name.

This blog is a means of communicating with the users of the app. If there are problems or bugs, I will write about them here and try to estimate when they will be fixed. If you want to report a bug or discuss the app, please send a mail to support@dicefeud.net.

Also, I thought I'd write a roadmap for the app in this blog, and also acknowledgements of the open source components I have used when writing the app. It is amazing to see how helpful people are when it comes to sharing code and programming ideas.

The app is now uploaded to Marketplace and is awaiting certification.
I hope you enjoy playing. Feel free to invite me to a game. My username is grismun.

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