lördag 18 augusti 2012


Now that DiceFeud has passed certification, I would like to say thanks to the prominent people who helped out. I got great help in beta testing the app, even by people I don't even know. I turned to the Facebook group Vi som gillar Windows Phone, and just asked if someone would like to beta test the app. Within a few hours, thirteen people were willing to install the app from an XAP-file, play the game and give me suggestions and bug reports. It was really great. Some of them even went an extra mile and had their friends install it and test it.

So, I know the Academy Award tone in all of this is a little silly, but I really would like to give credit these people, even if DiceFeud goes by completely unnoticed:

First of all:

Peter Drougge and Dennis Skantz.
Peter is a friend, colleague since way back and a great developer who has given me hands-on tips when I needed them. He has some very good apps on Marketplace which you should check out.
Dennis is also a top notch programmer and a friend who has taught me a lot.

Beta testing:

Gustav Larsmark, Fabian Miiro, Jim Terneborg, Cristian Carlsson, Mathias Zetterfeldt, Mattias Andersson, Niclas Sprung, Oscar Andersson, Johan Falk, Mikael Dúi Bolinder, Fredrik Wolbe, Peter Drougge and Dennis Skantz.

Thanks a million! I hope a can return the favor sometime.

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