måndag 6 augusti 2012

Release delayed

Windows Phone Marketplace is down due to maintenance today. Normally it should take about two days to get an app certified and published - at least that's what the documentation say - but this will surely delay the release. The estimated downtime is 24 hours so I hopefully both the free and premium versions will be up by the end of this week.

The app is submitted to all available countries on the Marketplace, except South Korea and Brazil. For those countries you have to provide some sort of document specifying the rating of the content. You know, is it ok for kids to play it etc. I have no idea where to get these documents, and I didn't really look that hard to find out. Those countries will have to wait.

Also, DiceFeud is not translated into different languages. All text is in english only. I have read that in some countries, you won't get any downloads what so ever if your app isn't translated. If that's true, maybe I will have to translate it, but then again - maybe there will be no downloads in any country. We'll see.

Just checked Marketplace again. Still down...

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