tisdag 14 augusti 2012

Still nothing

Man, oh man did I pick the wrong day to publish the app. Not only was the site formerly known as AppHub down for one day. After pimping the site, renaming it to Windows Phone Dev Center, Microsoft decided to introduce tougher demands on apps submitted to Marketplace. Not only new submissions, but apps already published, meeting the demands at the time of publishing, are now required to meet the new guidelines.
The new guidelines and a couple of angry comments can be found here:

Apparently, Microsoft gave developers a twelve hour notice on fixing their apps before resubmitting them. I can see why the community went ballistic. This has probably lead to loads and loads of apps being resubmitted to Marketplace, and the backlog of apps waiting for certification must be huge by now. DiceFeud has been waiting to be certified for eleven days now. I have emailed the WinPhone team, asking what is going on, but heard nothing back.

Also, when Windows Phone Dev Center was launched, I lost access to Ad Center, which is where you can see how you in-app ads perform. I just can't get in anymore. I tried everything and reported it to Microsoft, but so far - nothing.

A very poor release by Microsoft, and it came at a very bad time. Marketplace is just gaining momentum. Huge amounts of apps are coming in every day, but when it is this hard to even get started, developers are already giving up on the platform.

I hope to see a change in the near future. This really is a shame.

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